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So far no disruption caused in running

new melamine facilities up to speed

Prices for deliveries in first quarter raised only slightly After the major increases recorded in the third and fourth quarters of 2004, prices for raw melamine appear to be stabilising progressively. The negotiations concluded during the... more

Worktop manufacturers virtually unable

to pass on higher particleboard prices

Some suppliers aiming to regain market shares through predatory pricing To some extent at least, suppliers of worktops have meanwhile pushed through the price increases announced for deliveries from 1 January 2005. Prices have mostly risen by the... more

European laminate deliveries down again slightly

After a relatively good fourth quarter on the whole, delivery levels recorded by central European HPL and CPL suppliers have been somewhat more subdued in the first weeks of this year. Some suppliers report that a fairly sharp drop in demand was... more

Spain: continuing drop in

imports of tropical timber

During the nine months to September 2004, Spain’s imports of tropical logs and sawn timber were reducing further. Thus the downward development has been continuing that had been noticed during the first half of 2004 as well as in 2003. However,... more

Reluctance on export markets

affects domestic sawn timber markets

Sawmilling industry expects problems upon continually rising log prices Comparing early January, demand on the German market for sawn softwood has slowed down clearly, in the opinion of sawmilling companies in west and south Germany currently... more

Central European sawmilling industry

puts investment plans in concrete form

Several projects of big-sized sawmills in south and east Germany The rumours about new projects for big-sized sawmills in Central Europe having circulated for some week already were fuelled additionally during the past few days. Apart from at... more

Still surplus capacity in bedroom furniture industry

Demand for high-quality bedroom furniture remains unsatisfactory in the early weeks of 2005. The influx of orders in January and in the first few weeks of February have generally stagnated at the levels registered last year. Incoming orders had... more

Raute in 2004 with clearly

favourable results again

Extraordinary proceeds from the sale of Raute Precision Oy and several restructuring measures allowed Nastola- based Finnish machine-building company Raute Oyj to achieve markedly improved results. At €5.1m (2003: -3.3m) the operating profit had... more

Nobia achieved markedly higher sales in 2004

The generally favourable development of demand as well as several acquisitions enabled Stockholm-based Swedish kitchen furniture producer Nobia AB to achieve a favourable development of sales and results during the past business year. Sales of the... more