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Ikea group has achieved global profit of

almost €3bn in 2010/2011 financial year

The Ikea group once again improved its key results figures on an over-proportional scale to its turnover in the 2010/2011 financial year (31 August). Turnover increased by 6.9% to €25.173bn (23.539bn) with the highest rates of increase being... more


Alno: Loan from Comco has been used to settle claims

The loan for €29.3m accorded to Alno AG (Pfullendorf) at the end of 2011 by the investment company Comco Holding AG, (Nidau, Switzerland) owned by Alno-CEO Max Müller has been used to settle outstanding claims, according to information... more

Alno: Still no agreement

with former CEO Jörg Deisel

Former Alno CEO Jörg Deisel has not accepted the settlement proposal made by Düsseldorf county court in an attempt for him to reach agreement with his former employer Alno AG, Pfullendorf, within the three week period which expired on
19... more

Viridis plans takeover of Enligna pellet plant

The Canadian company Viridis Energy Inc., Vancouver/BC, is about to take over the pellet producer Enligna Canada Inc., Musquodoboit, which has been insolvent since August 2011. On 22 December 2011, the business consultancy PricewaterhouseCoopers... more

EDF Trading takes over Schwedt pellet plant

On 23 January 2012, the British energy trading company EDF Trading Ltd. with headquarters in London, a subsidiary of the French utility company Électricité de France SA (EDF), headquartered in Paris, announced the takeover of all shares in the... more

Ed. Züblin takes over

Merk-Project on 1 March

Only a few weeks after the takeover of the engineered-wood construction business Paul Stephan GmbH & Co. KG, Gaildorf, Germany, the construction company Ed. Züblin will be taking over Merk-Project GmbH, Aichach, Germany, another company from the... more

STG: Decision on continuation

of business delayed

The decision initially expected in January 2012 on whether to continue or close down business at the company Sägen und Trocknen in Grevesmühlen GmbH (STG), headquartered in Grevesmühlen, Germany, which has been insolvent since September 2011,... more

Norbord: Turnover in European business up by 22%

Higher prices for OSB, particleboard and MDF, as well as improved raw-material use and currency-exchange benefits have generated significant growth in turnover and results in 2011 for European business at the Canadian company Norbord Inc.,... more

Plum Creek: Plywood and

MDF business improves again

In the fourth quarter of 2011, the US-American company Plum Creek Timber Company Inc., Seattle (Washington), showed a year-on-year increase in sales of plywood and MDF for the first time that year, at plus 15% to 51.8m (Oct.-Dec. 2010: 36.4m) sqft... more

Eacom: Timmins sawmill

damaged by fire

The sawmill of the Canadian company Eacom Timber Corp., Montréal (Québec), in Timmins, Ontario, was severely damaged by fire on 22 January 2012. However, evidently only the sawing hall and sawing line were affected by the fire. The planing mill,... more