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Early-delivery bonuses for beech sawlogs

lower in 2019/2020 at a maximum of 15 €/m³

Industrial-scale beech sawmills have reduced their early-delivery bonuses for the 2019/2020 hardwood season by 3-5 €/m³ against those for last year. In addition, the design of the payment modalities is also different to what is was... more


Pulp mills examining use of damaged beech wood

In the last two weeks, pulp mills have begun or intend to soon begin examining the use of beech damaged by natural causes. Owing to the comparatively rapid spread of white rot fungi, using the industrial beech which is likely to arise in the... more

Sawmills claiming 416m € in

roundwood cartel dispute

The lawyer firm Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan LLP of Hamburg, mandated by ASG Ausgleichsgesellschaft für die Sägeindustrie GmbH of Fürth, Germany, lodged a claim for damages against the state of Baden-Württemberg... more

Heavy demand on German gluelam timber

market undiminished at start of half-year 2

Even though the 2019 summer holidays have already begun in several German states, demand on the central European gluelam timber markets at the beginning of April is still at the comparatively high level seen in recent weeks. Manufacturers and... more

Paolo Fantoni to stay EPF

president for two more years

Paolo Fantoni (Fantoni S.p.A., Ossopo, Italy) was re-elected for another two-year term as chairman of the European Panel Federation (EPF), headquartered in Brussels. This decision was made at the EPF’s annual general meeting, which took... more

European producers of poplar plywood

reduce some prices again

Over recent weeks prices for European-produced poplar plywood have come under noticeably more pressure again for the first time after a considerable period. Last year prices were raised gradually in a number of stages by 8-15%. In the first... more

Slight rise in Russian

plywood exports recorded

Following double-digit increases in three out of four quarters as well as over the entire period of 2018, Russian birch plywood exports increased only slightly in the first quarter of 2019. Export trade statistics of the Russian customs... more

Particleboard buyers managed to secure

price reductions in June and July too

Central European particleboard manufacturers have seen their workloads take a turn for the worse since the middle of June 2019. Demand from the furniture industry has softened as the summer holidays are just around the corner. Sales volumes... more

Methanol contract price for the third quarter

of 2019 slashed more than expected

The constant improvement in the supply situation during the second quarter and ensuing supply pressure has had ramifications for talks to hash out European methanol contract price in the third quarter of 2019. Set in stone at €305/t FOB... more

Canada to bring formaldehyde rules in line with the US

On 28 June 2019, the Canadian Government published a long-planned draft revision of its Formaldehyde Emissions from Composite Wood Products Regulations in the Canada Gazette. The 75-day consultation period, which began with publication, will... more

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