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Surplus supply of pulp/MDF woodchips

coinciding with balanced particle market

In terms of assortments, the German sawmill-residue markets were still largely split into two at the end of November. Whereas the high supply of pulp/MDF woodchips is frequently not coinciding with correspondingly heavy demand, the market for... more


Quality-related differences in price becoming

more commonplace on sawn softwood market

An undiminished high level of cutting in the central European sawmilling industry has been coinciding with a seasonal ebbing in demand from the construction sector, the timber trade, and the value-adding industry for a number of weeks now.... more

Only 2.2 % growth in revenue

achieved by carpenters

The growth in sales revenue in the German timber construction segment in August 2019 (+2.2 %) failed to match the preceding months’ levels. According to the monthly statistics published by the federal statistics office (Destatis) of... more

Sharp increase in supply of glued-laminated oak boards

Timber wholesalers, importers, and value-adders have received considerably more offers of glued-laminated oak boards in the last few months. In doing so, it is evidently not only manufacturers of glued-laminated boards in eastern and southern... more

Demand for gluelam timber only weakening slowly

According to information from gluelam timber manufacturers, business activity continued to hold at a satisfactory level until the end of November 2019. The mostly favourable weather conditions have ensured that construction activity is... more

Autumn business in window scantlings

remained less than satisfactory for suppliers

Window-scantling suppliers’ dissatisfaction with this year’s autumn business continued in October and November. After manufacturers and suppliers had already reported what they see as inadequate sales of standard products in Germany... more

Brazilian plywood manufacturers now selling

material for shipment from late January

The production curtailments that Brazilian plywood manufacturers have stepped up since the second quarter of 2018 have managed to stabilise replacement prices for elliotis pine plywood after all, even though business remains subdued on most... more

Slower rate of decline for

Latvian plywood exports

In the third quarter of 2019 Latvian plywood exports declined significantly; the decrease slowed down compared with the first and second quarters, however. According to the forestry department within the Latvian ministry of agriculture (Riga),... more

Further double-digit decline

in elliotis pine exports

In October 2019 Brazilian exports of elliotis pine plywood remained below the preceding year’s figure for the fifth consecutive time; for the third time in a row the rate of decline was also in the double-digit range. Statistics of the... more

India exploring duties on MDF/HDF imports

The Indian Government launched a review into whether to impose countervailing duties on MDF/HDF imports from Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam through the Ministry of Commerce and Industry’s Department of Commerce at... more

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