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Poland: 2019 pellet production

increases to 1.3m t

In 2019 Poland is estimated to have produced 1.3m t (2018: 1.2m t) of pellets, almost 8% more than the preceding year. By contrast, Poland’s installed production capacity remained unchanged at 1.4m t (1.4m t).

These are the... more


USA: industrial pellet production slightly down

In the first three months of 2020 some 1.738m t (Jan.-March 2019: 1.744m t) industrial pellets were produced in the USA, 0.3% less than the comparative period of the preceding year. According to figures of the U.S. Energy Information... more

Italian woodworking machinery

firms face 21.1% dive in orders

Italian woodworking machinery manufacturers experienced a 21.1% dive in incoming orders in the first three months of 2020 when compared with the same stretch last year. An economic downswing that was already evident in 2018 and 2019 was... more

US plywood manufacturers file

for temporary injunction

The US Structural Plywood Integrity Coalition is taking additional action against two testing institutes - PFS Corp. (Cottage Grove, Wisconsin) and Timber Products Inspection Inc. (Conyers, Georgia) - and International Accreditation Service... more

USA accuses Vietnam of

circumventing AD/CVD rules

The International Trade Administration (ITA) at the US Department of Commerce launched a provisional investigation into US hardwood plywood imports from Vietnam on 10 June. The circumvention inquiry aims to determine whether these imports... more

Canada reviewing punitive

duties on plywood imports

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, announced an investigation into plywood imports from China on 11 June 2020. The agency is taking this step in response to a complaint submitted by the Canadian Hardwood... more

Maritime pine plywood prices maintained

There were no major changes in prices for maritime pine plywood during the second quarter. The last price reduction, which related mainly to packaging products, was implemented by French manufacturers at the end of 2019. In view of the... more

Slight decline only in

Latvian plywood exports

Latvian plywood exports in the first quarter of 2020 remained only slightly below the preceding year’s figure. According to the forestry department within the Latvian ministry of agriculture (Riga), export deliveries declined by 0.4% to... more

Okoumé plywood demand in

Netherlands remains strong

Despite the corona crisis, the French okoumé plywood industry faced only comparatively moderate deterioration in sales over recent weeks. Manufacturers benefited primarily from a largely normal business trend in the Netherlands, one of... more

Decor paper manufacturers encounter only

a small improvement in workloads in June

The slow ramp-up of production activity in the furniture and building product industry has so far had little impact on European decor paper manufacturers’ order intake. Any effects are most evident in the pre-impregnated paper business... more

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