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Extensive damage left in wake of storm “Eberhard”

Following the initial qualitative assessments from forest owners, the storm "Eberhard" has caused further considerable damage in Germany. According to information received to date, its looks as if significant damage has been left on a... more


Mjøstårnet timber tower block

officially opened on 1 March

After roughly two years of construction, "Mjøstårnet", currently the tallest timber building in the world at a height of 85.4 m, was officially opened in Brumunddal, Norway, on 1 March 2019. The building, made entirely of... more

EPAL pallet production

increased by another 5.2 %

The number of new load carriers produced and repaired under licence from the European Pallet Association (EPAL) of Düsseldorf in 2018 was 5.2 % higher than a year earlier at 121.8m units. As such, the development in the second half-year... more

Slacker demand registered on German pellet market

Business activity on the German pellet markets slowed during the course of February. Owing to the mostly well-stocked warehouses in the trade, receipts of orders as well as the outflow of the current production turned out to be lower again than... more

Perceptible reduction in prices for standard pallets

The already rather slack demand noticeable for standard pallets at the start of the year has persisted so far this year, even becoming a little more pronounced in some places. The uncertainty about the future development in the levels of... more

Wood industry develops better than furniture industry

In 2018 the German timber and furniture industry increased its turnover for the fifth consecutive year. According to statistics issued by the Association of the German Woodworking Industry (HDH), Bad Honnef, which are compiled on the basis of... more

Timber-construction revenues

increased in December too

German timber-construction companies and carpentry businesses generated 5.5 % more sales revenue in December 2018 than they did a year earlier. According to the provisional figures published by the federal statistics office (Destatis) of... more

Elliotis pine plywood ordering so far

failing to live up to expectations

The elliotis pine plywood business is rather subdued on Central European sales markets at the moment, according to a variety of agents and importers. Some delays are occurring in call-offs of orders placed by co-operatives and major timber... more

Elliotis pine plywood exports

rising after a slow start

Brazilian elliotis pine plywood exports rebounded strongly in February after a relatively slow January 2019. Monthly statistics drawn up by Associação Brasileira da Indústria de Madeira Processada Mecanicamente (Abimci),... more

Duty-free plywood quota may

be filled in first half of April

The duty-free quota for softwood plywood imports into the EU has continued to be depleted at rapid pace in recent weeks; more than 83% of the quota has now been used up. According to an overview updated daily by the European Commission’s... more

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