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Finland’s sawn softwood

output down 4.2 % in 2020

At a total of 10.9m m³ (2019: 11.4m m³), Finland’s output of sawn softwood in 2020 turned out to be 4.2 % lower than in 2019. According to figures from the Finnish Forest Industries Federation (FFIF) of Helsinki for the... more


Sawn-softwood production

down slightly in Sweden

On the basis of provisional figures, the Swedish Forest Industries Federation (Skogsindustrierna) of Stockholm is reckoning with a minor reduction of 0.8 % in Sweden’s sawn-softwood output for 2020. From the baseline of 18.70m m³ in... more

Beech sawmills implement price increases

for some assortments and markets

An increasing number of beech sawmills raised their sales prices for lumber during the course of March 2021. Many purchasers have already accepted the increases, most of which are applicable from 1 April. The price increases are noticeable for... more

B/C prices for pine sawlogs continuing upward trend

After the average price increases of €5/m³ agreed for longwood sections (LAS) of B/C pine at the beginning of 2021, further, sometimes considerably higher price hikes have arisen in the latest contracts concluded in northern and... more

Plywood prices tending

to rise at a faster pace

Brisk demand in the US, logistical problems surfacing mainly for shipments from Asia and a general shortage of structural wood-based panels have pushed prices for the main types of imported plywood higher since the middle of 2020, as well. The... more

Martin Brettenthaler set

to become EPF President

The European Panel Federation (EPF), based in Brussels, elected Martin Brettenthaler, CEO of Swiss Krono Group, and Tobias Schindler, who has been CSO of the Feldkirchen-based insulating board and LVL manufacturer Steico SE since April 2020, to... more

CPA moves upcoming

meetings online

The Composite Panels Association (CPA), based in Leesburg, Virginia, has adjusted its plans for this year to reflect the ongoing pandemic after cancelling last year’s meetings. The Spring Meeting will solely take place online in late... more

Importers expect significant declines for

deliveries of birch plywood in second quarter

The availability situation concerning birch plywood has deteriorated further in the past six weeks. According to European importers, Russian companies in particular are becoming increasingly incapable of fulfilling deliveries. High levels of... more

Methanol contract price jumps by €23

Three initial settlements were brokered on 26 March in talks to thrash out the second-quarter European methanol contract price that have picked up the pace since the middle of March. The resulting price of €418 per tonne FOB Rotterdam was... more

Adhesive and impregnating

resin producers curb output

Adhesive and impregnating resin producers and integrated manufacturers from the wood-based panel industry are experiencing at least short-lived production restrictions due to both strained feedstock supply and technical troubles. BASF SE, based... more

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