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Prices for LAS pine currently holding

steady at level reached at end of 2018

In the last few weeks, various northern and eastern German pine-sawlog processing companies have concluded follow-on contracts for LAS pine for delivery in 2019. Regardless of the substantial volumes of beetle-damaged wood from the central... more


Centre of competence for

forestry and timber now open

The KIWUH centre of competence for forestry and timber (Kompetenz- und Informationszentrum Wald und Holz) opened for business under the umbrella of Germany’s Agency for Renewable Resources (FNR – Fachagentur Nachwachsende Rohstoffe... more

Softwood-timber buyers exercising restraint

in purchasing in anticipation of falling prices

In the first few working days of the new year, business activity on the Germany softwood-timber markets has been slower than the average for the last few years. Numerous manufacturers and buyers did not resume business operations until 7... more

16% decline in beech roundwood exports

In the third quarter of 2018 beech roundwood exports to all destinations decreased by 16% to 129,033m³ (July-Sept. 2017: 153,578m³). For the main European sales market of Austria, which is strongly influenced by industrial beech... more

Prices for visible-grade gluelam timber largely

stable in the light of high prices for lamellas

After rather above-average business activity in the fourth quarter of 2018 too, the majority of central European gluelam timber manufacturers have started the new year with above-average backlogs of orders and the usual seasonal or in some... more

Worldwide pellet trade up by

an estimated 26 % in 2018

After rather modest growth in global pellet trade in 2015 and 2016, business increased by 13 % in 2017 and now a comparatively sharp rise of 26 % is anticipated for 2018 compared to the preceding year. According to information from the US... more

Growth in number of

ENplus-pellet producers

Provisional figures show that the number of pellet producers and trading companies with ENplus certification in 2018 was higher than in 2017 and thereby reached a new record level. According to information from the European Pellet Council (EPC)... more

US pellet production in 2018 20 % higher than in 2017

At 2.190m t (July-Sept. 2017: 1.760), the US output of pellets in the third quarter of last year was roughly 24.4 % higher than a year earlier. After the slight increase in the first quarter (+6.4 %) and the sharp rise in the second (+28.7 %),... more

Further rise again in British

particleboard and OSB imports

Regarding British imports of wood-based panels, even more considerable shifts were recorded in the third quarter of 2018. Imports of particleboard, which decreased slightly in the first two quarters, increased quite significantly. In the case... more

Double-digit increase in birch plywood exports

In the third quarter of 2018 Russian birch plywood exports once again increased at a double-digit rate compared to the preceding year; the delivery volume, by contrast, fell short of the figure recorded in the second quarter. In the first... more

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