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Chinese particleboard and MDF/HDF

capacity decreased slightly in 2020

Continuing consolidation within China’s wood-based panel industry culminated in the first minor reduction in total particleboard and MDF/HDF capacity in a while last year. However, average production capacity per line did increase... more


2020 timber exports from

Ghana decrease by 24.7%

Last year, export volumes of wood products from Ghana decreased by 24.7% to a total of 226,158m³ (2019: 300,455m³). The value of the goods decreased by 22.9% to €116.2m (150.6m), according to statistics issued by the Forestry... more

China: softwood log imports increased by 37%

In the first two months of 2021, China imported more than 7.5m m³ (Jan.-Feb. 2020: 5.5m m³) softwood logs, almost 2m m³ - or 37% - more than in the preceding year, according to the Chinese statistics authority China Customs... more

Russia exports less roundwood to China

In the fourth quarter of 2020, Russian softwood log exports to China declined by 21% vis à vis the comparative quarter the preceding year to 1.347m m³ (Oct.-Dec. 2019: 1.715m m³). According to the figures published by the... more

Ukraine announces change

in roundwood export ban

The Ukrainian government plans to make amendments to the export ban on roundwood, which has been in force since 2016, by the end of July 2021. This was announced on 18 March 2021 by Ukrainian deputy minister for economic development, trade and... more

Roundwood prices in UK down

slightly in 2020

In the second half of the forestry year 2019/2020 (30 Sept.), a nominal average of £50.15/m³ (Oct. 2019-March 2020: £54.06/m³) ex forest road had to be paid in the UK for softwood sawlogs with a top-end diameter of 14 cm... more

Brisk demand for oak sawlogs

remains unabated in France

Demand for oak sawlogs was brisk in France in the fourth quarter of 2020, as it had been in the preceding quarters. According to the market report published by the industry association for the fourth quarter, prices increased above all for... more

Prices for sawnwood still rising in United Kingdom

At the end of March, domestic demand for homegrown timber made in the UK and for imported sawn softwood continued to exceed the available supply. From what market players say, the overhang already observed in demand for decking and garden wood... more

62 % increase in finewood

up for auction in Stettin

At the sealed-bid auction for finewood held by the Stettin regional forest directorate in northwest Poland on 28 January 2021, 1,381 m³ (29 January 2020: 852 m³) of hardwood was provided from 19 forest offices.

As such, the... more

Second-quarter prices for planed dimensions

from Scandinavia surpassing €300 mark

In the negotiations for sawn-softwood deliveries from 1 April 2021 that have meanwhile reached their conclusion, Scandinavian shippers have agreed with their central European buyers on raising prices by an average of around €50-60/m³... more

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