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Methanol, melamine and resin prices

verging on record-high levels again

Procurement markets for a variety of raw materials used to make adhesive and impregnating resins are not settling down after the holidays, either. Melamine and methanol production has been further curtailed in the third quarter of 2021 after... more


Less sawn softwood imported

from Europe by Japan in Q2

At 537,626 m³ (April-June 2020: 692,425 m³), the volume of sawn softwood imported by Japan from Europe in the second quarter of 2021 was 22.4% lower than in the same quarter of last year. The data given in Japan Lumber Journal reveals... more

US sawnwood imports from

Europe up 26% from last year

The USA’s imports of sawn softwood in July 2021 were only a little under 3% above the figure for the same month of last year at a total of 2.929m m³ (July 2020: 2.843m m³). According to the figures from the US Department of... more

Finland: further increase

in roundwood prices

Parallel to the significantly higher volume of roundwood harvesting in the first half of 2021, the increase in roundwood prices in Finland already observed since August last year has continued until the middle of the year. According to data... more

Canada’s sawnwood exports

to USA reduced recently

At around 1.060bn bdft (July 2020: 1.118bn bdft), the volume of sawn softwood exported from Canada to the USA in July was down by 5.2%. Figures from the Softwood Lumber Controls Division (TNC) at the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs,... more

US sawnwood price

falls below US$400

The downhill trend in US sawn-softwood prices continued until the end of August 2021. According to the surveys by Madison’s Lumber, the average selling price for the benchmark grade of western spruce pine fire (WSPF) KD R/L 2x4 #2&Btr... more

New peak prices achieved for

spruce sawlogs in Norway

In Norway, the prices for softwood sawlogs had also continued to rise until the end of July 2021, and there are signs of industrial wood bottoming out. Figures from Statens Landbruksforvaltning (SLF) of Oslo show that in June, at an average of... more

Sweden’s Q2 exports restored to last year’s level

In the second quarter of 2021, at a total of 3.677m m³ (April-June 2020: 3.706m m³), Sweden was able to restore its sawn-softwood and planed-product exports almost to the level of a year earlier; exports in the first quarter had... more

Further increase in Swedish

spruce sawlog prices

In Sweden, average softwood sawlog prices for spruce continued to increase during the second quarter of 2021, whilst the price for pine sawlogs remained at the same level as in the previous quarter. The increase in volume of beetle-damaged wood... more

Lesy SR now anticipating

160,000 m³ of stormwood

The Slovakian state forest enterprise Lesy SR š. S. of Banská Bystrica has adjusted its estimates for the volumes of wood damaged by the thunderstorm on 14 and 15 July 2021 upwards to 160,000 m³. Shortly after the event, Lesy... more

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