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Sweden introducing new criteria for grading

industrial wood by quality on 1 August

Qualitative grading of industrial soft and hardwood assortments into the two new quality categories of "Prima" and "Sekunda" is being introduced in Sweden with effect from 1 August 2019. The main change is that the quality... more


US suppliers implement big price increases

for yellow poplar over the course of February

In February 2019 there was a further increase in the price movements already being put into effect by US suppliers of yellow poplar/tulipwood since December and January. Whereas reports of increases of some US$20-30/1,000 bdft had been reported... more

Less sawnwood imported from Europe by Japan

At a total of 601,219 m³ (Oct.-Dec. 2017: 657,819 m³), in the fourth quarter of 2018 Japan imported 8.6 % less sawn softwood from Europe than in the same period of the previous year. The development in imports, which had already been... more

Finnish exports of sawn softwood decreased by 10%

Finnish exports of softwood lumber declined by 10% in the fourth quarter of 2018 vis à vis the comparative quarter of the preceding year to 2.213m m³ (Oct.-Dec. 2017: 2.449m m³). Declines in exports had already been recorded in... more

Present whitewood prices increasingly

unlikely to be rolled over into second quarter

Contrary to normal seasonal development, a rollover at best is emerging for deliveries of planeable rough-sawn whitewood from Scandinavia in the second quarter but a further reduction in prices is looking more likely. After the price cuts... more

Offer in Katowice

outbid five times over

At the 21st high grade wood submission held by the Turawa forestry office within the Katowice regional directorate on 15 February 2019, the offer comprising a volume of 1,945m³ was outbid five times over. In addition to 1,538m³ oak, a... more

High grade wood down

by one third in Wroclaw

At the high grade wood submission held by the Zmigród forestry office on behalf of the Wroclaw regional forestry directorate on 08 February 2019, a volume of 1,290m³ (09 Feb. 2018: 1,885m³) high grade wood was made available... more

Baltic shippers’ sawnwood prices reduced

by up to 20 €/m³ in some instances

A surplus supply of northern and northeast European sawn softwood exists on the European sales market at the moment because volumes originally earmarked for the Chinese and other East Asian markets have been redirected to Europe since last... more

Growth in supply of logs in

Baltic states since December

Prices for softwood sawlogs in the Baltic states in the first quarter of 2019 were largely stable at the level that had applied in the fourth quarter. Spot prices, some of which have fallen recently, are still at an inflated level from the... more

Growth in prices for

softwood sawlogs in Estonia

Prices for softwood sawlogs in Estonia in January 2019 were higher than they had been in December 2018. In its monthly price statistics, the Estonian forest administration RMK of Tallinn established the highest growth in pine with a top-end... more

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