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German sawmills intend to ask higher prices

In the first five weeks of this year, southern and western German sawmilling businesses registered above-average business activity on the domestic softwood timber markets compared with the last few years. In sales to the retail trade, to... more


Marked increase in film-faced plywood prices in China

According to information from importers in Germany and the Benelux region, replacement prices for Chinese plywood have continued to rise in the last few weeks. Chinese manufacturers have succeeded in pushing through perceptible mark-ups on... more

Still hardly any plywood orders arriving from Indonesia

The procurement situation facing plywood importers on the Southeast Asian purchasing markets and particularly in Indonesia remained extremely tense at the beginning of the new year. Several German importers report that deliveries of film-faced... more

Brazil exported 2m m³ of elliotis pine plywood

Brazil exported more than 2m m³ of elliotis pine plywood last year, passing this mark for the first time. The country shipped 19.4% more abroad than in 2016 with a total of 2.060m (2016: 1.730m) m³. Associação Brasileira... more

Tropical-plywood exports

recovered in second half-year

After the slightly regressive development in the first half-year 2017, Brazilian exports of tropical wood rose again slightly in the second half of the year. Associação Brasileira da Indústria de Madeira Processada... more

Doubts grow about rapid depletion of duty-free quota

The unusually rapid depletion of the duty-free quota for softwood-plywood imports into the EU has been raising questions amongst various timber-trade associations and in the plywood-import trade in the recent weeks. The EU Commission’s... more

Pronounced shifts in Russian plywood exports

The shifts that had already been observed in Russian birch-plywood exports in the first half-year 2017 were perpetuated into the third quarter as well. Whereas one or two countries registered substantial growth against the same period of the... more

Turnaround reached by Brazil’s

wood-based panel industry

The stabilisation that occurred on the Brazilian wood-based panel markets last year is also reflected in the monthly statistics compiled by the industry association Indústria brasileira de árvores (IBÁ) of Brasilia and... more

Higher methanol prices and increases in

melamine costs passed on to resin prices

When hashing out January’s adhesive and impregnating resin prices, a rise in the methanol contract price for the first quarter overshadowed a slump in urea prices that materialised in the final quarter. Methanol spot prices have continued... more

Melamine price talks wrapped up quickly in first quarter

Buyers and sellers managed to reach deals relatively quickly in talks about raw melamine contract prices in the first quarter of 2018. The first concrete talks were held starting in the beginning of January. Manufacturers and converters had... more

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