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WWPA adjusts production

figures for softwood timber

(EUWID Boston) The Western Wood Products Association (WWPA) of Portland, Oregon, has revised the figures it had published for North American output of softwood lumber for the first quarter of 2017. As such, 10.606m m³ was produced in the... more


Sales volumes increased by

French hardwood sawmills

French hardwood sawmills’ business activity continued to increase in the first quarter of this year. The companies are reporting further growth in order backlogs against last year. The satisfactory development was driven by growth in... more

Demand holding at a high level in north/east

Germany even during the holiday period

No significant holiday-related weakening had occurred in demand for softwood timber in northern and eastern Germany by the beginning of August. From what market players are saying, demand for KD products is greater than for green timber, as it... more

Greater pressure on prices for meranti scantlings

With exchange rates of up to $1.18, the greater strength of the euro against the dollar in July 2017 further increased the pressure that was already being exerted on selling prices for meranti scantlings. Although the dollar-based prices that... more

13.7% growth in German pellet

production in second quarter

534,106 t (April-June 2016: 469,702 t) of pellets were produced in Germany in the second quarter of 2017; this equates to an increase of 13.7% against the same period of last year. The German fuelwood and pellet association (DEPV –... more

Double-digit growth rates for

engineered wood products

(EUWID-Boston) Following slight weakening in the second half of 2016, the upward trend in North American production of engineered wood products (EWP) evident since the end of 2015 accelerated again in the second quarter of 2017. According to... more

North America: Upward trend

in OSB prices accelerates

After a temporary, slightly negative trend in the second half of May, North American OSB prices have risen sharply since mid-June. The initially rather cautious upward trend accelerated in July under the influence of a further rise in demand... more

Brazil: Wood-based-panel

sales decline again in June

The fluctuating trend on Brazilian wood-based-panel markets continued in June. In both January (+7.6% to 508,000 m³) and February (+9.0% to 543,000 m³), domestic sales showed year-on-year growth, while March (-3.7% to 572,000 m³)... more

Birch-plywood prices mostly stable

Some prices slightly weaker again in Russia

At the beginning of the third quarter, prices at Eastern European birch-plywood manufacturers were either rolled over or, in some cases, reduced. The price level in Russia, Poland and Latvia had already gradually firmed up in the second... more

Maintenance shutdowns at wood-based-panel sites

As in recent years, numerous Central European wood-based-panel producers are carrying out their maintenance shutdowns mainly in July and August. Some of those measures are also combined with repairs, conversion work and expansion investments.... more

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