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Laminate flooring production decreased

slightly in all regions last year

Worldwide laminate flooring production dipped slightly for the first time in a while in 2018 after growth lasting several years in a row. Output was 3.4% lower than the previous year at 985 million (2017: 1.020 billion) m². All relevant... more


Bangkirai offers meanwhile range

from US$1,400/m³ to US$1,600/m³

Over the course of spring central European importers of bangkirai decking from Indonesia increasingly received offers at, in some cases, very favourable prices. In individual cases these even remained below the mark of US$1,400/m³ c+f... more

Malaysia: export declines in majority of wood ranges

In 2018 the Malaysian wood and furniture industry was confronted by declines in exports of the most important ranges. In terms of export value, in particular, the majority of ranges developed along negative lines. In its statistics for 2018 the... more

Swedish softwood

lumber exports down 5%

In March 2019 Swedish exports of softwood lumber and planed lumber, at 1.112m m³ (March 2018: 1.219m m³), decreased by 9% vis à vis the preceding year’s figure. The decline in export figures, which has been noticeable... more

Wood consumption by Finnish

wood industry up 4.8%

In 2018 the Finnish wood industry processed a total of 83.32m m³ (2017: 79.51m m³) roundwood and sawmilling residues, corresponding to a 4.8% increase vis à vis 2017. At 71.34m m³ (2017: 67.51m m³), consumption of... more

Finnish sawn softwood exports to Egypt up by 62%

In the first quarter of 2019 Finnish exports of softwood lumber to Egypt increased by 62% vis à vis the comparative quarter last year to 462,006m³ (Jan.-March 2018: 285,409m³). Egypt thus surpassed China again as the most... more

Belarusian exports of

softwood lumber increase by 37%

In the first quarter of 2019 Belarusian exporters sold a total volume of 953,298m³ (Jan.-March 2018: 693,797m³) softwood lumber, representing a 37% increase vis à vis the comparative quarter of the preceding year. The increase... more

Roundwood harvest in Czech Republic

reached historic peak level in 2018

In the Czech Republic the 2018 roundwood logging increased by one third vis à vis the preceding year to 25.689m m³ (2017: 19.387m m³) without bark, and has thus reached the highest level ever recorded. According to the figures... more

Poland: price for pine

sawlogs decline in May

In May 2019 prices for pine sawlogs in Poland declined vis à vis the preceding month to an average of PLN219/m³ (Apr. 2019: 234/m³). Vis à vis the comparative month of the previous year, prices for pine sold via the... more

Beetle-damaged wood increasing consistently

in south/west since middle/end of May

The intensive swarm after Easter, as well as the current second wave which is proving extremely intense in some regions, is causing a continuous increase in beetle-damaged wood across extensive parts of southern and western Germany. The cool... more

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