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Germany: New formaldehyde rules

to take effect in January 2020 as planned

Planned changes to the measuring methodology used in Germany to determine formaldehyde emissions from wood-based panels will likely enter into force on 1 January 2020 after all. In a letter sent to the German Federal Environment Agency (UBA) in... more


North Africa: high supply coinciding with slack demand

Central European and Scandinavian sawn softwood exporters are expecting the already difficult market conditions in North Africa and the Middle East over the whole of the first half-year to persist for some time to come. At the outset of the... more

New record level reached in logging in Finland in 2018

At a total of 78.167m m³ (2017: 72.426m m³), the volume of wood felled in Finland’s forests in 2018 was roughly 8 % higher than a year earlier. At 69.218m m³ (63.258m m³), 89 % (87 %) of the total felled volume was... more

Pressure exerted on sawn softwood prices

remains undiminished in Italy in July

In June and July 2019, Austrian and German sawmills have still been doing what they can to sell sawn softwood in Italy. From the perspective of buyers, the sales opportunities on alternative markets including the Far East, North America, and,... more

Swiss authorities close forests

due to damaged beech

In Switzerland, authorities began to close forests for visitors at the beginning of July 2019. Like Germany, the reason for this in Switzerland, too, are dying stands of beech, meaning that road safety can no longer by assured. Particularly... more

Only minor damage left in wake

of stormfront in Switzerland

On the basis of the surveys performed to date, the stormfront on 6 July 2019 has caused hardly any damage in forest stands in Switzerland. In spite of the high windspeeds measured in some places, so far only scattered damage has been identified... more

Klöckner brings up topic of reforestation scheme

The federal minister of agriculture, Julia Klöckner, wants to combat the threatening loss of 110,000 ha of forest due to calamities and drought with a "several-million-trees scheme". In an interview with the "dpa",... more

Baden-Württemberg: Spruce

only available as an addition

Owing to the changes in climate, spruce as a tree species will only be available at special locations and suitable as an addition in Baden-Württemberg until 2100. According to the figure of the forest inventory BWI³, the proportion of... more

In Brief

A study presented by the Swiss ETH Zurich university for science and technology on 4 July 2019 shows that the worldwide reforestation of 900m ha of forest could absorb two third of the anthropogenic CO2 emissions. Study... more

Thuringia anticipating 2.7m m³

of beetlewood in 2019

According to the latest forecasts for 2019 and after almost 0.7m m³ in 2018, Thuringia is anticipating up to 2.7m m³ of beetle-damaged wood if the weather remains so warm and dry. An incidence of damaged wood on this scale would not... more

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