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Winds of change have blown into the

WESP technology market in recent months

Several changes have emerged among the ranks of providers of wet electrostatic precipitator (WESP) technology used for the electrostatic precipitation of particles and aerosols from gas flows over the past few months. On 1 July 2021, the... more


More pronounced reduction

in CFR China prices for spruce

The reduction already noticeable in CFR mainland port prices for central European spruce roundwood in China at the beginning of June 2021 recently gathered pace significantly. The €140/m³ CFR mark for top-end-measured (JAS) spruce... more

EOS: sawn hardwood production reduced in 2020

In variance to the original forecasts, the output of sawn hardwood in the twelve member of countries of the European Organisation of the Sawmill Industry (EOS) of Brussels in 2020 was only 4.8% lower than a year earlier at 5.73m m³ (2019:... more

Hardwood lumber imports

decline in first quarter

In the first quarter of 2021, Spanish imports of oak lumber - at a value of €9.3m (Jan.-March 2020: 9.5m) - declined by one-fourth in terms of volume to 7,488 m³ (9,824 m³). According to the import statistics published on a... more

Oak roundwood imports

increase further

In the first quarter of 2021, Spanish imports of oak roundwood from France increased by more than one-third to 12,814 m³ (Jan.-March 2020: 9,458 m³). As a proportion of total imports, this corresponds to an increase of eight... more

Spain increases imports

of tropical lumber by 19%

In the first quarter of 2021, Spanish imports of tropical lumber - at a value of €7.8m (6.7m) - rose by 19% vis à vis the comparative period of the preceding year to a volume of 12,559 m³ (Jan.-March 2020: 10,526 m³). The... more

Spain: proportion of imports

from Europe increases to 90%

In the first three months of 2021, Spanish softwood lumber imports from other European countries rose by 15% vis à vis the comparative period of the preceding year to a volume of 222,448 m³ (Jan.-March 2020: 193,372 m³). As a... more

Spain: no increase in supply

expected for the time being

In July 2021, as in previous months, Spanish importers’ problems concerning the procurement of softwood lumber have continued. Only small volumes will be supplied in July due to the company holidays of Scandinavian sawmills.

No... more

Croatian state forest office’s

felling reduced in 2020

The volume of roundwood felled by the Croatian state forest office Hrvatske Šume (HR sume) d.o.o. of Zagreb was 4.5% lower in 2020 at 5.96m m³ (2019: 6.25m m³). According to the recently published annual report by the state... more

French Timber starts petition

against roundwood exports

The French sawmilling industry’s export organisation French Timber had already launched an online petition again roundwood exports in June 2021. French Timber has set up the multilingual website for signatures. The... more

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