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Forest and wood industries investing more

heavily in developing long-distance logistics

In the last few months, numerous wood-processing businesses have increased their investment activity in the logistics sector and in performing log-distance transport. Besides handling current volumes of wood damaged by calamities, the primary... more


Poland: softwood sawlog prices stable at high level

In March 2021, prices for softwood sawlogs sold in Poland by the state forestry administration Lasy Panstwowe (Warsaw) via the e-drewno internet platform remained generally stable at the level recorded in the preceding month. The average price... more

Further price increase for lumber expected in Spain

In Spain, prices for imported softwood lumber are expected to increase further over the coming months. According to a statement, the association of Spanish timber importers and the timber industry (AEIM), Madrid, considers it possible that... more

Italian timber construction impaired by price increases

In the last few weeks, businesses in Italy active in timber construction and the building industry in particular have been affected by the sharp rise in sawn softwood prices. Unlike pallet and packaging manufacturers, these sawn-softwood... more

Intake stopped after fire at pulp mill in Frantschach

Shortly after the fire at the pulp mill of Mondi Frantschach GmbH on 29 April 2021, the wood-procurement organisation Papierholz Austria GmbH (both of St. Gertraud-Frantschach) notified suppliers that it was halting its wood intake. According... more

Cool weather delaying

bark-beetle swarming

Owing to the low daytime temperatures and insufficiently high daily temperatures above the bark-beetle development threshold of 8.3° C, no significant bark-beetle swarming had occurred in Germany by the beginning of May 2021. According to... more

Timber merchant appeals against teak judgement

After the judgement pronounced by Hamburg district court against a Hamburg timber importer on 27 April 2021, the company has lodged an appeal before the German Federal Court of Justice (BGH – Bundesgerichtshof) in Karlsruhe. This step was... more

Pine longwood sections exceed €60/m³ ex forest again

Combined with a consistently high level of cutting activity amongst northern and eastern German sawmills, the significantly lower incidence of damaged spruce in the early months of 2021 is ensuring heavy demand for pine sawlogs. After the price... more

Industrial softwood prices

stable or slightly rising

Until the beginning of May 2021, prices for most industrial softwood ranges were either maintained or slightly increased again in newly concluded contracts. Despite a high level of cutting activity in the sawmill industry and a correspondingly... more

Planed lumber production: renewed double-digit rise

In the fourth quarter of 2020, production of planed softwood lumber in Germany increased by 18.6% vis à vis the preceding year to a volume of 1.372m m³ (Oct.-Dec. 2019: 1.156m m³). Following an increase in the single-digit... more

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