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Shippers planning to use higher demand and

limited supply for price hikes in North Africa

After several months of moving at a sometimes far below-average level, the volumes changing hands on the softwood timber markets in North Africa and the Middle East, signs of a turnaround have been appearing in a number of countries in the... more


Price for SPF 2x4 reaches

all-time high in USA

Last week, the price for the benchmark grade of SPF 2x4 #2&Btr, established weekly by the US information service Random Lengths, reached a new record level. At 436 $/1,000 bdft, the figure was another 5 $ higher than the price for the... more

Softwood sawlog prices down

slightly in Finland in August

At 54.41 €/m³ (August 2016: 53.05 €/m³) and 57.17 €/m³ (55.28 €/m³) respectively, the prices for pine and spruce sawlogs in Finland both fell slightly in August to 0.4% below the July level. The data... more

Higher prices for industrial

softwood in Sweden

The Swedish company Sveaskog AB of Stockholm has raised its prices for industrial softwood by 25 SEK/m³ with effect from 9 October 2017. The increase applies for the regions of Härjedalen, Hälsingland, Gästrikland,... more

Russian softwood lumber exports to China up by 17%

In the second quarter of 2017 Russian softwood lumber exports to China increased by 17% vis à vis the comparative quarter of the preceding year to 4.558m m³ (April-June 2016: 3.890m m³). According to the current figures... more

Prices for LAS pine so far remain largely

unchanged in Germany’s north and east

According to information from northern and eastern German forest owners, the heavy demand for softwood sawlogs is undiminished at the beginning of the fourth quarter as well. For reasons due to the weather, volumes under preliminary contracts,... more

Improvement in export opportunities for pine timber

Cutting activity by sawmills in Germany’s north and east is holding at a high level at the beginning of the fourth quarter. As the supply of logs is adequate in most instances, the bigger businesses are running three shifts, and some are... more

Exporters’ interest in beech sawlogs increases

Over the course of September 2017, as expected, business activity concerning beech sawlog ranges designated for export to Asia revived significantly. Following a period in August and the beginning of September when roundwood trading companies... more

In Brandenburg around 1m m³ of damaged wood

The storm "Xavier", which swept across northern and northeast Germany on 5 October 2017, has caused substantial damage in the forests of Brandenburg and Berlin in particular. Initial fears expressed shortly after the storm to the... more

Paper mills willing to accept pulping wood

from Bavarian regions affected by storms

During the course of September, Bavarian paper mills agreed terms with marketing organisations of the Bavarian private forest sector for the volumes of wood for mechanical pulping arising from the clearance of storm-damaged wood in Lower... more

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