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Exports of woodworking machinery

increased again in the preceding year

The largest export nations for woodworking machinery increased their international shipments again last year. The Italian industry association Acimall, based in Assago, analysed the export streams from the six biggest supplier countries... more


Over recent weeks, West African timber

has been still sought after in Asia

Over recent weeks West African suppliers as well as European trading companies active in shipment business with African timber types continued to record lively business activity with purchasers in Asia as well as in the Near and Middle East. In... more

Sawmilling and laminating works short of raw meranti

The shortage in the supply of meranti logs to Malaysian and Indonesian sawmills and timber to laminating works in each country lasted until the beginning of August. According to information from importers, sawmills in Malaysia and Indonesia had... more

Slight fall in US softwood lumber imports

In the second quarter of 2017, at a total volume of 9.084m m³ (April-June 2016: 9.215m m³), the USA imported approximately 1% less softwood lumber than in the same period of the preceding year. A decisive factor for the slight decline... more

No further increase registered

in US softwood lumber prices

After the reduction that occurred in softwood timber prices on the US market from the end of April to mid-June, they had recovered again considerably by the beginning of August. The growth in prices noticeable in the last few weeks, however,... more

Canada’s softwood lumber

exports to USA down by 2%

In the first six months of this year, the Canadian sawmilling industry exported a total of 7.298bn bdft (Jan.-June. 2015: 7.451bn bdft) of softwood lumber to the USA, which equates to a reduction of around 2.1% against the same period of last... more

European white-oak processing businesses

continuing to look for cheaper alternatives

As the procurement costs for white-oak timber have been at what many European value-adders consider to be too high a level for more than a year now, more cheaply obtainable wood species or semi-finished products were examined as alternatives in... more

Growth in demand used by Siberian shippers

for minor increases in prices for larch

Siberian sawmills used the greater demand for planeable larch timber in central Europe until the beginning of the holiday season to put their prices up slightly. Shippers justified their calls for higher prices, pushed through across the board,... more

Fewer applications for imports of Russian logs to EU

Up to and including 5 August 2017, the applications submitted for importing Russian softwood logs into the EU were lower than in the same period of last year. This perpetuates the reduction already registered in the first four months of this... more

Softwood timber output

increased by 2.8% in Finland

The Finnish sawmilling industry raised its output in the second quarter 2017 by an estimated 2.8% against a year earlier to around 3.20m m³ (April-June 2016: 3.11m m³); the Finnish Forest Industries Federation (FFIF) of Helsinki had... more

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