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European wood-based panel output 2017

edged 3.0% higher last year to 57.6m m³

European wood-based panel manufacturing increased 3.0% to 57.6 (2016: 55.9) million m³ last year, according to the European Panel Federation (EPF), based in Brussels. The year-on-year growth rate has thus intensified after 2016 had ended... more


Prices for planeable rough-sawn whitewood

set to rise by another 3-6 €/m³ in third quarter

In the preliminary contracts concluded for deliveries of planeable softwood timber by the beginning of July 2018, more price increases have been pushed through for deliveries from Finland and Sweden. The upward trend observed in the preceding... more

Heavy demand for timber registered in

the sawn softwood markets in North Africa

Business activity on the North African softwood-timber markets has continued to become stronger and more consistent in the last few weeks. After the sometimes very sharp increase that occurred in April/May, demand is at a high level overall.... more

Industrial beech remains sought after in Austria

Competition for the volumes of industrial beech put out for collection by Austrian forest owners remained tough in the second quarter. Wood-purchasing organisations of the two pulp mills in Austria converting industrial beech report an... more

Panel and pellet producers

dispensing with cuts in prices

In price negotiations for sawdust deliveries in the third quarter, Austrian wood-based panel manufacturers, sawmill-residue merchants, and pellet works not integrated into sawmills have dispensed with significant reductions in their purchase... more

Slovenian Lesy SR wants

to export 19 % fewer logs

The Slovenian state forest office Lesy SR of Banská Bystrica is planning to reduce the volume of its log exports for this year by 19.3 % to 80,000 m³ (2017: 99,141 m³). The purpose of this is to reduce the proportion of the... more

Log prices still falling in northern/eastern Germany

Owing to the increasingly limited receptiveness of sawmills in northern and eastern Germany and a high supply of assortments of storm-damaged wood, considerable pressure is being exerted on prices for out-of-contract volumes of both spruce and... more

First generation of bark beetles now swarming out

The first generation of bark beetles has begun swarming in large parts of southern Germany in recent weeks to breed siblings. According to the latest forest-protection report of the Bavarian State Institute for Forestry (LWF), the main outbreak... more

Forest owners in Bavaria

aiming to reduced green felling

At a joint meeting, representatives of the Bavarian forest-owner association (Bayerischer Waldbesitzerverband), forestry associations, and the Bavarian forest office (Bayerische Staatsforsten – BaySF) of Regensburg have spoken out in... more

Undiminished high volume of pine-timber sales

From the point of view of northern and eastern German sawmills, the sales situation on the domestic market held at the level already reached in May until the end of the second quarter and in some places even continued to improve. In spite of a... more

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