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BMK installing a third treating line

at Welcome site in North Carolina

The treating company BMK GmbH, based in Gaildorf-Bröckingen, Germany, is poised to add a third treating line to a melamine film manufacturing site in Welcome, North Carolina that it acquired from Shaw Industries Inc., headquartered in... more


Ghana: Timber exports

also increased in Q2

Timber exports from Ghana increased by 9.9% to 88,079m³ (April-June 2017: 80,119m³) in the second quarter of 2018. The corresponding value of the goods increased by as much as 18.7% to €51.4m (43.3m). According to the statistics... more

Forest fires in British Columbia

meanwhile up to 12,985 km²

Owing to the continuing forest fires, the government of the Canadian province of British Columbia has extended until 12 September the state of emergency that it had initially declared for two weeks in mid-August 2018. According to the... more

USA concludes hearings on

additional customs duty

The office of the US Trade Representative (USTR) concluded the hearings on the introduction of additional duty on imports from China on 27 August 2018. At the 6 days of hearings announced on 17 August and begun on 20 August, interest-group... more

Turkey: Duty on US wood

imports with tariff no. 4401

Following publication in the official gazette dated 15 August 2018, Turkey is levying additional duty on imports of US wood. In the wood segment, Turkey has introduced a 10 % mark-up on duty for customs tariff number in the 4401 group. Besides... more

Finnish sawnwood exports to China down by 50%

In the second quarter of 2018 Finnish exports of softwood lumber and planed lumber to China halved to 253,524m³ (April-June 2017: 487,333m³) vis-à-vis the comparative period of the preceding year. Consequently, their proportion... more

1.5m m³ of beetlewood

expected in southern Sweden

According to the latest surveys by the Swedish company Södra AB of Växjö, a volume of 1.5m m³ of beetle-damaged is to be expected in the southern Swedish province of Götaland this year. In the forest regions of... more

Mellanskog further increases

prices for industrial softwood

For all new contracts concluded from 1 September 2018, the Swedish forest-owner association Mellanskog of Uppsala has raised its prices for industrial spruce and pine by 20 SEK/m³. The list price for industrial pine is now around 320 SEK... more

On-stump sales in Belarus to rise by 6 % in 2019

At its cabinet meeting on 23 August 2018, the Belarusian government set on-stump sales not performed via the Belarusian commodities exchange at 10.855m m³ (2018: 10.193m m³) for 2019; this equates to an increase of 6 % on this... more

Russia: Decrease in lumber exports to Japan

In the second quarter of 2018 Russian exports of softwood lumber decreased by 4% vis à vis the comparative quarter of last year to 219,873m³ (April-June 2017: 228.966m³). In the first quarter exports had remained stable by... more

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