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Wood-based panel manufacturers cite higher

raw material costs in efforts to charge more

Central European particleboard and MDF manufacturers are increasingly underscoring rising raw material and logistical costs in current talks to settle on terms for deliveries from March or April 2021 onwards. Spiralling costs for purchasing... more


Sawn softwood likely to remain in short

supply in United Kingdom until middle of year

As had already been the case in the second half of last year, British buyers find themselves confronted with problems in obtaining homegrown timber made in the UK as well as imported sawn softwood. According to information from market players,... more

Czech Forest substantiates damaged-wood estimate

The Czech forest institute Czech Forest of Kostelec nad Cernými lesy is working from the assumption that 35-40m m³ of beetle-damaged wood arose on an area of 82,938 ha in the Czech Republic last year. Roughly 31m m³ of this has... more

US hardwood lumber exports

up for the first time since 2018

In the fourth quarter of 2020, US exports of hardwood lumber across all types of wood and all sales markets increased by 11% to a volume of 784,909m³ (Oct.-Dec. 2019: 706,808m³). The US Department of Agriculture, Foreign Agriculture... more

Price of pine in Estonia

16.5 % higher in December

The price for pine sawnwood in Estonia in December 2020 was 16.5 % higher than in January (€64.68/m³) at €75.38/m³ ex forest road. According to information from the Estonian national forest administration RMK of Tallinn, the... more

Further decline registered in

Latvian roundwood exports

Latvian roundwood exports in the fourth quarter of 2020 were 16.0 % down at 658,300 m³ (Oct.-Dec. 2019: 783,300 m³). According to figures published by the forest department of the Latvian ministry of agriculture in Riga, industrial... more

Latvian sawnwood exports

boosted by 9.5 % in Q4 2020

Latvian sawn-softwood exports in the fourth quarter of 2020 were 9.5 % higher than a year earlier at 704,000 m³ (Oct.-Dec. 2019: 643,100 m³). According to the figures published by the forest department of the Latvian ministry of... more

Sharp reduction registered in Austrian pellet

industry’s sawmill-residue requirement

Austrian pellet works have throttled back their production in the last few weeks. This applies in particular for works in western Austria and, to a slightly lesser extent, for those in the southern parts of the country too. The cause of the... more

Industrial wood prices raised by board manufacturers

A number of Austrian wood-based panel manufacturers have improved their purchase prices for industrial wood during the course of the first quarter 2021. The has been the case especially for a few MDF-producing facilities that had reduced their... more

Sawmills’ roundwood intake

restricted by roadblocks

The thaw in Austria since mid-February 2021 has induced numerous local authorities in Styria and Carinthia as well as in some parts of Upper and Lower Austria to set up roadblocks to log traffic as usual for the time of year. After the... more

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