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Slower growth in the global market

for decor paper during last year

The upward trend that has lasted on worldwide decor paper markets (excluding China) since 2013 continued last year, albeit at a slower pace. According to Decor Paper Market Research 2017 completed by Ahlstrom-Munksjö Germany Holding GmbH... more


Prices for Baltic softwood timber meanwhile

a little lower than those asked in third quarter

On the relevant sales markets in Europe and overseas, prices in current contracts for softwood timber made in the Baltic region and due for delivery by the end of the year are a little lower than those in the third quarter. Prices that had... more

Estonia: Generally stable

softwood sawlog prices

In September 2018 softwood sawlog prices in Estonia remained generally stable at the level recorded in July and August. Vis à vis January, prices also remained virtually the same. In the following months prices had increased and then... more

Demand for softwood sawlogs exceeding supply

In the Baltic states, demand for softwood sawlogs is currently exceeding the available supply. Logs arriving at Baltic sawmills, the majority of which are utilising their cutting capacity to the full in November, are mostly being fed straight... more

Latvia: Further increase in roundwood prices

In the third quarter of 2018, prices in Latvia increased for all softwood roundwood ranges. By comparison with the second quarter, in which slight increases of 1-2% vis à vis the first quarter had been recorded, the upward trend... more

Sharp increase registered in

sales rate in Poland this year

The Polish forest administration Lasy Panstwowe of Warsaw will supply 31.559m m³ (2018: 26.938m m³) of logs to the timber industry in the coming year; this equates to an increase of 17 %. Corresponding purchase contracts were... more

11% increase in Spanish

softwood lumber imports

In the second quarter of 2018 Spanish imports of softwood lumber increased by 11% vis à vis the comparative quarter of the preceding year to 259,914m³ (April-June 2017: 233,183m³). According to AEIM (association of Spanish... more

Forestry companies expect

2.8m m³ storm-damaged wood

Storm Vaia, which hit the area on 28 and 29 October 2018, caused some 2.8m m³ storm-damaged wood in Austria, according to surveys of forestry companies so far. The areas suffering greatest damage were Carinthia at 1.5m m³ and East... more

Sawmilling industry holding

cutting activity at a high level

Although business activity on the German softwood-timber markets has slowed slightly overall during the course of the last two to three weeks, producers believe the level remains satisfactory for the time of year. There has been no significant... more

Pulp mills accepting up to 16 % higher prices

in follow-on contracts in spite of backlogs

Some initial regional forest businesses have concluded follow-on agreements with German and Austrian wood-purchasing organisations in November concerning deliveries of industrial beech in the coming year. In contrast, most regional forest... more

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