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Gross turnover in German DIY-superstore

sector increases in 2016 by 1.5% to €18.24bn

In the 2016 financial year, German DIY superstores increased their gross turnover year on year by 1.5% to €18.24bn. Adjusted for selling space, growth was 0.8%. According to figures presented on 9 March 2017 by the Handelsverband... more


North America: Softwood lumber production up by 5%

In the fourth quarter of 2016 North American production of softwood lumber was also above the level recorded in the preceding year at 34.96m m³ (Oct.-Dec. 2015: 34.17m m³). Lower production figures in the US Others and British... more

US lumber imports from

Europe more than double

The upward trend in US softwood lumber imports from Europe that materialised in the fourth quarter of 2016 continued to play out at the start of 2017. At a total of some 57,221 (Jan. 2016: 23,068) m³, imports from Europe were 148% higher... more

Sweden exported nearly 13m m³ lumber last year

A jump in foreign deliveries of planed products and spruce lumber sent Swedish exports 3% higher to 933,000 (Dec. 2015: 904,000) m³ in December 2016. While foreign shipments of planed products were 11% higher at 293,000 (263,100) m³... more

Elk grazing causes annual

damage worth almost SEK1bn

According to a calculation performed at the beginning of 2017 for the first time, elks cause around SEK980m euros-worth of damage to young stands of pine every year in southern Sweden alone. The scale of the financial damage is established by a... more

Sawlog prices remain

unchanged in Sweden

There has still not been any significant change in sawlog prices in Sweden since the beginning of this year. In spite of generally steady demand and sometimes short supply, especially in spruce in the south, neither forest owners nor... more

Almost 10% more spruce sawlogs felled in 2016

Figures from the Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) of Helsinki show that a total of 57.69m m³ (2015: 54.13m m³) of sawlogs and industrial wood were harvested for material utilisation in 2016, which equates to growth of 6.6%... more

Fluctuations observed in prices for oak logs in France

In France, the prices for standing oak in the "Centre" region fluctuated considerably during the course of last year. Information from the Paris-based UCFF association of French forest owners shows that although indexed prices in the... more

Latvian roundwood exports down by 11.4%

In 2016 Latvian exports of roundwood decreased by 11.4% vis à vis the preceding year to 2.661m m³ (2015: 3.002m m³). At €131.4m (149.9m), the export value was 12.3% below the previous year’s figure. According to the... more

Latvia: 20% rise in softwood lumber exports

Latvian exports of rough-sawn and planed softwood lumber increased by a fifth in the fourth quarter of 2016 vis à vis the comparative period of the preceding year to 704,300m³ (Oct.-Dec. 2015: 587,000m³). According to the... more

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