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No further increase registered in volume

of timber felled in Germany in 2016

An above-average reduction in timber harvesting activities in the private forest sector and noticeably reduced felling in the "spruce/fir" group of wood species cause the overall volume of timber felled in Germany in 2016 to fall by... more


Finnish softwood timber exports to increase to 9m m³

The Finnish Pellervo Economic Research Institute (PTT) of Helsinki is expecting Finnish softwood timber exports to rise by around 5-6% this year to what will then be roughly 9.0-9.1m m³ (2016: 8.6m m³); further growth of 3-5% is... more

Sweden: First announcement

of roundwood price hike

As the first Swedish processor and forest owner to do so this year, the Swedish company Södra AB, Växjö, announced higher roundwood prices. With effect from 20 April 2017, selling prices were hiked for softwood sawlogs by... more

5.1% more lumber produced

by Russia in March

In view of a higher supply of logs since the beginning of the year and a satisfactory level of demand, particularly on the Asian export markets, Russian sawmills raised their cutting activity in January and March 2017 above the level of the... more

Russian felling remained

stable at 208m m³ in 2016

According to information from Ivan Valentik, the Russian deputy minister for natural resources and ecology and head of the Rosleschoz forest office in Moscow, felling in Russia remained largely stable last year at 208m m³. The felled... more

Sawlog supply currently

adequate in the UK

British sawmills currently have an adequate supply of softwood sawlogs at their disposal. According to information from market players, some businesses have stepped up their purchasing efforts in recent weeks, however, due to low stock levels.... more

Spain: Oak imports dropped

again in fourth quarter 2016

Imports of oak lumber decreased by 9% in the fourth quarter of 2016 to 7,378m³ (Oct-Dec 2015: 8,128m³). This followed a decline - also of 9% - in the third quarter. The decrease was only partially compensated by the 7% increase... more

Spain increased imports

of hardwood logs

Due to an increase in imports from France, Spanish roundwood imports of all relevant types of hardwood, with the exception of eucalyptus, increased in 2016 compared to the preceding year. According to the association of Spanish timber importers... more

Negative trend in Spanish

tropical wood imports

Spanish imports of tropical roundwood and lumber developed along negative lines in the fourth quarter of 2016 vis à vis the comparative quarter of the preceding year. According to the association of Spanish timber importers and the... more

Hrvatske Šume announces 2017 log allocation

A little later than originally scheduled, the Croatian state forest office Hrvatske Šume d.o.o. of Zagreb announced the allocation of a total of 2.263m m³ of logs on 14 April 2017. The largest Here, the largest proportion of the... more

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